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    I received damaged products, what should I do?


    Full refund or exchange is possible for damaged products due to shipping. If you receive a damaged product, contact our customer service (070-8787-6333) or leave us a message about your situation at our Q&A board. We will quickly check your order and respond to it.

  • shipping

    What’s your return policy?


    All returns must be processed within 7 days of receiving the order. Unopened products only.

    Returns due to customer change, not a product issue, will be charged a round trip shipping cost. Please read our Exchange/Refund policy.

  • Order/Payments

    Purchase details are still shown in my bill, even after canceling my credit card payment.


    We begin processing card payment cancel orders immediately, but depending on the circumstances of the credit card company, cancellation processing period will take 3-7 working days.
    If you cancel within 7 days before the payment date, it will take 5-7 days to process. So payment will be done on that month, and you can refund your credit card payment next month.
    Processing period differs according to credit card payment date, and you can check it with your credit card company .

  • Membership

    What membership benefits can I get?


    We give you a cash-like mileage for every purchase. You can receive free gifts from Beigic and participate in events. Also, when signing up for a membership, if you agree to receive marketing news, you can receive up-to-date special events quickly.

    We give out 10% discount coupons on first purchase.

  • Product

    How can I keep my Beigic products in good shape?


    : We recommended you to keep it in a cool place that does not come into contact with heat or direct sunlight because Beigic products are rich in organic, natural ingredients that can cause discoloration/deformation due to light or high temperature.

    Keep your hands clean when using JAR-type Beigic products with your fingers. We recommend you to use a teaspoon or a small spatula.

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    What should I do if I experience side effects using Beigic products?


    All cosmetic ingredients can sometimes irritate sensitive skin, regardless of content or how they are used. Even if you’ve been using the product well for years, you can feel changes in your use, such as trouble and irritation. We recommend that you look at any changes in your daily life that may be stimulating (such as seasonal changes, diet, contact with allergens, etc.) If you have experienced side effects on cosmetics, it is best to stop using them. Consult a specialist if necessary. Please contact the Customer Center (070-8787-6333) for a return and tell them about your skin condition in detail.

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    Is refund possible if skin trouble happens after using your products?


    Please contact our Customer Center (070-8787-6333) or submit your problem on our Q&A bulletin board and fax us your dermatologist's report and medical fee receipt. Refund and return will be arranged after consulting with our legal team. However, please note that product contents must remain at least ⅔, and should not pass more than 30 days after delivery.

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    Is it safe to use Beigic products while pregnant?


    All Beigic products strictly avoid any use of what we call the 5 Negatives - synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances, silicones, sulfates (SLS, SLES, ALS, etc.) and parabens - that should be taken care of by pregnant women. However, during pregnancy, skin may become more sensitive and the product that you have been using without any problems may not be suitable for your skin. If you have any concerns about your use, we recommend that you consult a specialist.

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    Does Beigic do animal testing?


    No. Animal testing is strictly forbidden on our products and ingredients. Before developing a product, we investigate whether or not the components used in Beigic products are registered in the global market and use only those that have been secured with safety by results of previous experiments.

    Since 2009, EU has banned animal testing on ingredients used in cosmetic manufacturing, and Beigic is not producing products from companies that do animal testing.

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    Are all Beigic products vegan that use plant-based ingredients?


    YES. Beigic is committed to using clean and natural ingredients, especially the ones that are plant based and food-grade. Animal ingredients are strictly forbidden.

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    Do Beigic products contain Paraben?


    NO. All Beigic products do not contain paraben. Paraben is a synthetic preservative that has been used in cosmetics a lot since its preservative effect is good even at low prices.
    However, there is much controversy over the fact that paraben can disrupt the female hormone system, cause breast cancer, give damage to DNA, and can be the cause of contact dermatitis and various allergies.
    Therefore, Beigic strictly restricts parabens in all products, and uses natural preservatives to ensure product stability.

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    Do Beigic products contain silicone?


    NO. Beigic products do not contain silicone and silicone-like ingredients (such as dimecon, trimechcon, cyclopentasiloxic acid, dimetachconcrospolymer, methylphenylpolysiloxane, cyclomeccon, etc.). Silicone has been widely used in cosmetics because of its excellent texture and immediate smoothness at low prices.

    However, dioxane, a byproduct of silicone synthesis, is known as a carcinogen, and the EU has announced that silicone and silicone-like components should be classified as chemicals that can cause carcinogenicity, genetic variation and reproductive toxicity. For the past 10 years EU has investigated that silicone may cause endocrine disorders, and has thus banned the release of products containing 0.1% silicone of the total weight from January 31, 2020.

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    Do Beigic products contain synthetic fragrances?


    Beigic is scented with essential oils and botanical extracts and does not use EWG 8 (red grade) artificial flavors.

    Beigic carefully evaluates the safeness and effectiveness when developing products. We carefully consider the findings and recommendations of the International Flavor Association (IFRA) and develop all antimicrobial ingredients to be less than the permissible levels recommended by IFRA and other global regulators, even though they are essential oils or botanical extracts.

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    How is Beigic improving the sustainability of packaging containers?


    Beigic is aware of the fact that packaging containers are significantly affecting the environment. So we have implemented the following key initiatives to improve the sustainability of packaging containers.

    We use 100% recyclable paper materials, from online shipping boxes to components such as buffers for product safety.

    We pursue sustainable packaging, and will continue to think about packaging considering the sustainability of the environment.

  • Order/Payments

    How do I cancel my order?


    Your order is shipped once your payment has been cleared. Once the shipping is started, you are not able to cancel the order, and you have to return the products to us to get a refund. Please contact us through our Q&A board.

    For refund policy, read Exchange & Refund policy

  • Order/Payments

    Exchange/Refund policy


    If the exchange or refund is due to [customer change of mind], round-trip shipping cost should be paid by the customer.

    Criteria on items that are not able to be exchanged or returned
    1) Used or opened items
    2) Broken or altered items caused by customer
    3) Items reported after 7 days from the date of receiving
    4) Items that do not have a record of purchase on our official website